GALAX XANOVA PTE LTD announces a new partnership with one of the most popular Esports celebrity in Asia – Xyclopz

Treephob “Xyclopz” Tiangtrong has been active in the Dota2 Esports scene for more than a decade now! And, he is more popularly known for his casting in Dota2. Xyclopz is the number one productive esports caster in Asia. He has graduated with a news anchor course from National Broadcasting & Telecommunication Commission (NBTC). He also teaches broadcasting, Sports commentary and Mass Communication at the ‘Sripatum University’ and ‘University of Thai Chamber of Commerce’ as a part time professor.

In the recent past Xyclopz has ventured into casting different games such as PUBG, CS:GO, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and will continue to cast and also stream on a regular basis as well.

The partnership will see both XANOVA and Xyclopz working together in future endeavors which includes providing courses for the young gamers in Thailand and South Asia on Casting, streaming, events hosting, importance of high-end gaming equipment and everything else in Esports.

“We are really glad to announce this partnership with Xyclopz in Thailand and we are happy that Xyclopz likes our products and has a shared vision for up coming products for gamers worldwide. This partnership will help us to connect with players and the gaming community in Thailand and rest of the world.”  – Connie Chiu, CEO – XANOVA.

“I am excited to be partner with XANOVA and look forward to this collaboration and hope to achieve new milestones in Thailand and Asia along with XANOVA’s team.” – Xyclopz

About XANOVA :

XANOVA is founded by Mr. Jari Zenoardo and Ms. Connie Chiu, who are veterans of the PC gaming and console gaming accessory business respectively for years. XANOVA has HQ office in Imperia Italy and sales and marketing office in Singapore.

Partnered with GALAX, the prominent graphic card/ SSD vendor, we uphold the same principle of putting the gamers’ interests in the first place and utilize the latest technology to create best in class products.

Our ambition is to create a brand that is relevant to the gamers of today and tomorrow. Toalways deliver an experience that enhances the awesome world of gaming. At XANOVA we speak the language of the gaming community, with its desire to explore new worlds, engage in fast-pasted action, intelligent tactics and hours of fun and social activities.

The cornerstone of our brand is presenting our products that talk about all the fantastic possibilities for great gaming experiences and appealing designs which are inspired from Italian design which offers state of the art gaming gear to everyone at competitive and affordable prices.

We are dedicated to evolve and enhance the gaming experience without compromise. By providing gamers and esports professionals around the world with the best gaming gear available, XANOVA aims to unleash every gamer’s inner ambition  (XAN/ZEN) to evolve their capabilities and empower them to reach for the star (NOVA).

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